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Energy Services COmpany
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due diligence
We are capable of assessing values
during the process of selling or
acquiring. A part of company,
individual energetic establishment e.g.
photovoltaic, water or wind power
plant, biogas station, cogeneration unit
and other energetic operational unit.
Our company is an expert in all aspects of the EPC problematic. We realised a few of successful
projects. Including design of the projects, competitive tendering, articles of agreement,
operation of the project and regular evaluation, providing service and final appraisal.
energy performance contracting
Most of organisations and companies can’t afford to have a full-time energy advisor. Thanks to the knowledge of establishments’ needs, we guide
our clients throughout pitfalls of hundreds of laws, regulations and ordinances. Our services pays off.
We prepare the real basis and the content of contracts, energy performance contracts (EPC, self-financing power saving project); you can rely on us
with selection procedures and setting up your energy management.
We can advise you on preparation, realisation and operation of the projects of power plants producing energy from renewable sources. ESCO is an
expert and can deliver services in photovoltaic power plants, wind p.p. and also small water p.p., biogas stations, landfill gas production.
consultancy for the state administration, municipalities and sole proprietors
solar, wind, hydropower, biogas, landfill gas
feasibility studies
energy assessments
energy audits
Energy audits according to the Act 406/2000 we offer are worth it! We are an independent
company and our solutions are tailored to suit your needs. Moreover, since we are not only both
advisors and consultants; but we have also hands-on experience with the implementation of
energy projects including financial analysis; proposed solutions of ours do meet the expectance
in practical operating and also fulfil the goals in return of investments and overall economic
We work out energy assessments
according to the Act 406/2000,
including expert knowledge of the
problematic of renewable energy
sources. We design an energetic mix
precisely to a given energy
Combined heat and power (CHP) is
environmentally and economically the
most effective use of fuel regarding
either classical fossil-based fuels or
gases from the field of renewable and
supported sources of energy.
ESCO can also implement designed
solutions, evaluate them regularly and
provide service support. We are not just
consultants, we will not be overawed by
realisation of our designs in practice.
We design feasibility studies with the
requisite expert knowledge for purposes
of support programs co-financed by
Czech state and EU, bank financing, or
just for your own needs.

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